‘Universal’ religions

The gods below are ones that we worshiped before the world was broken and still. Since no one really knows what their god looks like there are countless debates about which was which. Wars have broken out between sects that disagree on which god was theirs and between different groups of worshipers that both claim the same being as their god.
For the religions that span cultures and races, you’ll often see great differences from one society to the next, though the core messages in the religion often stay the same. Deities are now beings of fact, they are no longer simply forces of belief. No one questions their existence any longer, and the mystical power wielded by paladins and priests, is a reminder of that fact.

While some races are noted below as “X worships Y”, this is almost always a generalization. Many religions, even if racial-primary, count members of multiple races among their ranks.

  • Izanagi – The All God
  • Vashta – God of Darkness
  • Anhur – God of War
  • Amera – Winter Goddess (sister of Tsuku )
  • Tsuku – Summer Goddess (sister of Amera)
  • Gaea – The AllMother. – Worshiped mostly by Druids, Barbarians and most Elves. Changlings and Shifters generally considered themselves cursed by Gaea.

White Guard

Not all have turned away from the gods. Many believe that their choosing of Darnthor as the battleground was a punishment for the actions of the world and have rededicated themselves to their faiths, hoping to prevent any future celestial battles.

Then there are those that don’t really consider the Cataclysm as a reason to refocus on their beliefs, but rather the after effects of it. Specifically the return of magic. One group in particular who call themselves the White Guard has determined that magic is the reason that the world shattered (not sure how the missed the supremely powerful beings…) and that it is not up to them to rid the world of all magic and anyone who profanes themselves by using it.

To do this they recruit (read: abduct) children at a young age and indoctrinate them with their beliefs. They also have some of them learn the ways of magic , convincing them that by sullying themselves with magic they are purifying themselves and the world. They also train them from day one to be killers.

Coming across a White Guard group almost always results in conflict, with all members of the Guard willing to sacrifice themselves to eliminate even a single magic user.

The Orders

In many cases the people of Darnthor walked away from their gods after the Cataclysm, once it became known which gods were real, and how little they truly cared for the people that worshiped them.

As a result of this revelation many have turned to worshiping the primal forces of the wild while others had dedicated themselves to the gods.


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