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Over time this is where you will find everything you need to know about Darnthor for this adventure.

Feel free to explore and read anything you wish though it probably makes most sense to start with the Darnthor page then possibly read about the History of Darnthor. Keep in mind that the information in this Wiki will exceed what your character actually knows. However, rumor and myth reach all corners of the world and such whispers can be accessed through gather information, knowledge checks, mental checks, or even just being lucky and overhearing the right conversation. Concrete information on locations, races, kingdoms, etc will often require knowledge checks, though much can be considered common knowledge.

Here you can also learn about the technology currently available on Darnthor, the various races that exist in the world, classes, guilds, religions, and nations of Darnthor, along with the politics and economies at work across the world.

In addition you can learn about the individual people, races, and creatures the party has encountered in their travels.

It would be wise to consider this a ‘living document’ as it will likely change from week to week as you explore and discover new parts of the world.



Main Page

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