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You have known nothing other than the broken and shattered world you were born into.

From the stories you were told as a child and the rumors of old men you have learned that years ago the Gods came to Darnthor where they waged war with each other, ignoring the plight of the races that scrambled to survive at their feet.

Now, years after the war ended, the world and its people are still trying to recover and survive in this new reality. Much of the industry and manufacturing of old are gone and the Deep Dwarves have begun selling the secrets of steamcraft, a technology they have guarded for countless generations. Not because they feel for the other races but because they too need to find a way to survive.

Whispered in the shadows and over stale mugs of ale, new darkness is rumored to be spreading across Darnthor and people are afraid. With the discovery of the Touched and the Godspawn, not to mention the mystery of the Godstorm, a tempest of epic proportions in the middle of the worlds largest continent no one wants to go outside or venture very far.

You and your companions are trying to survive and enroll in a competition for a job with a local patron. To get the job you have to pass the test. To pass the test, you have to complete the mission. Which you don’t yet know about. During the test however things go wonky and secrets left by the gods begin to reveal themselves. And not always in good ways

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