Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor

Session 5/29/16

Episode 26: Insurgency

The party has just finished a serious scrap inside of an inn located in the red district and taken a prisoner. As quickly as the interrogation starts, it abruptly stops as the captured character, Vint (new player, Eric) promptly tells them all that Liefgar is in the gray district. Upon saying that he can lead the party straight to their target, Vint becomes a new party member.

With the new member in tow, everyone makes their way to the hideout in the gray district and begins scouting around it. Iggy and Aliella jump to the roof while Creed, Tom and Vint wait outside the back door. As Aliella is stealthily scouting out the situation, Iggy decides to forego clearing the building room by room and instead decides to just blow the whole thing up with his extremely-high-explosive time-bombs, leveling the building and a good portion of the block it was on. With that serious of encounters out of the way and all potential loot and enemies buried together, the team decides to call it a job well done and get some much needed rest back at the castle.

Once informed that the job is done (after a long rest,) the representative of the royal family informs the group that another matter needs attending to. A couple of days ago, a mining facility a day away from the castle was reported attacked by an army of inanimate automatons similar to those used at the facility. Fearing a fate similar to that of Skaleheim, Creed informs them to shore up the city defenses just in case before setting out to investigate. Once at the mining site, a few things become apparent:
1. What is being mined at the facility is an extremely rare and strong building material that is highly sought after
2. The facility was indeed attacked by automatons-the descriptions of which match the previously encountered steel-jacks.
3. The inside of the facility is very hot and inflicts fire damage due to the smelting going on.
Eventually, tracks are found and followed into a forest, where the group comes upon a clearing filled with a wooden building in the back, an opulent tent in the middle and otherwise surrounded by many orcs.
Creed casts invisibility on himself to investigate further with Aliella, who is naturally stealthy being both an elf and a monk who is able to use Pass Without A Trace.
After both creep around the the back of the tent to investigate what is inside, they pull up the tent flap and move inside-only to come face to face with a red-robed Arch-Mage who is in the middle of writing something on a desk covered with papers. As Creed is still invisible, he grabs all the papers he can off the desk as initiative is rolled and the entire camp is alerted.
The arch-mage casts mirror image to create 3 of himself while the orcs rush towards Iggy, Tom and Vint. Iggy throws a flash bomb to stun/blind the entire group (which is completed by steel-jacks and an orc war-chief.) Creed dashes out of the tent with the loot towards the group and Aliella casts darkness and runs away as well. As everyone regroups at the tree-line, Iggy kills 10 orcs, so just the war-chief and mirror images of the arch-mage are left in front (the steel-jacks have not yet made it over.) Despite some valiant fighting, the arch-mage is able to stride out and blink Tom the war-forged away, just like Keff had been blinked away before (or so it seems.) After the war-chief is downed, the arch-mage gives the command to raise the steel-jacks as he walks back into the tent.
Exhausted, scared and now down one more party member, the adventurers are surrounded by their mechanized foes.

to be continued…


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