Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor

Episode 30: Decisions

Keff's Butt Goes to War

As we rejoin our heroes we find Creed gaining proficiency in piloting and navigation tools from the ship’s crew. Vint is looking for a ship and a job to make some money on while Aliella is looking for a place to store her sanguinium dust (she decides to hold onto it as it has been valued at around 5-10K and it is decided that there will need to be a great amount of care taken in order to sell it safely.)
Creed decides to ask around for info on the pirate island where Clandoor is likely to be and so heads to the cartographer shop.
Poppy is in the dock area asking around about the pirate hold in the bar. A 17 PERSUASION roll gets the attention of a group at a table at the end of the establishment, which is your typical dark, dingy, crowded, smelly, lower class tavern catering to sailors and travelers. Upon seeing the tension in the room, Poppy starts asking about a mountain that vomits fire. Vint fails multiple CON rolls while drinking and is passed out drunk on the floor, so Poppy is sitting atop him.
Meanwhile- Creed finds the cartographer’s shop but it is closed, so he instead goes to the library to find an archive of witness acounts of prisoners rescued from the clutches of the large pirate hold. This helps to establish a search grid in the ocean from triangulating multiple witness accounts. Aliella, after not finding a good enough place to offload the dust decides to leave it and go back to the ship.
Poppy decides to drag Vint out of the bar in his drunken stupor with the help of her large dog. She sobers him up with a water bucket and then goes to make sure that the table of 4 rough patrons whose attention she caught are still in there. They both proceed back into the bar and Vint orders two jiggers of rum for 5 silver and brings them over to the group’s table. Trying a different strategy, he asks the dwarf and elf pirates about the pirate hold directly and offers a business opportunity. Aliella joins Vint and Poppy as the negotiations take place. Talks about the myths of epic treasure and the use of CHARM PERSON by Vint help to convince the dwarf, who in turn convinces the elf. Eventually it is agreed that all 4 will meet up with the party at the docks.

LONG REST back at the ship as everyone regroups.

Possible ship names suggested for the new warship owned by party:
The Reckless Abandon
Spectre’s Butt
Keff’s Revenge/Keff’s Butt/The Hand of Keff

Creed arrives at the cartographer’s shop as it opens, which is covered in shelves of books, lanterns and piles of scrolls. An investigation roll helps to find a map showing the planet as it once was with the date of the Gods War on it and decides to buy it. A 2 ft. tall, muscular, well-dressed halfling without shoes comes from around the counter searches for a map upon being asked about the search grid area and the possible pirate strong-hold on a possibly moving island. A map of the island chains off the coast of Mal Cordasi and the ancient map found are both bought. Creed comes back to the ship at the same time that the 4 pirates from the bar are approaching- the dwarf and elf along with a human and orc, all heavily armed and armored. A strategy is formed to split the party and have half the party on the Spectre’s Edge and have Creed and Aliella in the warship following close behind. Before getting under way, Creed uses SCRYING to help discern where Clandoor could be. All that can be found from her point of view is that he is being kept in a dark cell close to the shore and is hurt with bandages underneath his clothes.
After conferring with the newly recruited pirate mercenaries and the warships seasoned captain, it is found that the stronghold is not, in face, an island at all, but a fleet of enormous ships linked together that travel around the island chain. WIh the information in hand, the party takes off in both ships. A few hours into the journey, the Spectre’s Edge encounters something shimmering in the air heading toward them. From a distance, the orc can identify them as air elementals.
It takes two turns for Creed and Aliella to catch up with the Spectre’s Edge but the air elementals are soon defeated despite some heavy hits received. After the battle is finished, the pirate mercenaries turn on the party, thinking they have been sufficiently weakened.
Creed casts BANISHMENT on the orc right out of the gate and has Cluckers attack the human. Poppy goes balistic with her three hammers and kills the dwarf and elf with the help of Vint and Aliella. After, all turn on the human and soundly defeat him. After the encounter, the party divides the spoils (500 Gold, 20 platinum = 700 gold total. Everyone receives 175 gold from the mercenaries’ corpses.


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