Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor

Session 8/23 - " The Ascending"

Trogg Rescue/Back to town

In this session of “Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor”:

We find Keff exposed to 10 Troglodytes as he attempts to steal the glowing mask being worshipped by them. After a well-placed Shatter spell, 5 of the trogs have been knocked down and the other 5 damaged. Seeing their ally in imminent danger, the rest of the party is quick to act. Iggy jumps off the ledge where the party has been watching the events unfold and activated his jump boots to get some distance. At the apex of the jump, he shoots his harpoon between the trogs and Keff and pulls himself between them. With his mechanical arm attachments and his shield to protect him, he fends off the enemies, including one larger than the rest from which he receives a staggering amount of regular damage as well as poison damage. As he is fending them off, Keff is casting spells over his shoulder and Clandoor is unleashing a volley of arrows from his new longbow. Creed jumps down from the ledge using the rope attached to the immovable rod to do a perception check for hidden danger to the party, only to find two gnomes in cages-one dead and another starving and with a broken leg. After seeing no incoming threats, Creed moves forward and starts casting spells in support. It is a dirty fight with much damage being taken, but all survive. In the aftermath of the fight, the party inspects the altar as well as the refuse pile nearby, consisting of items belonging to the trogs’ past victims. Searching through it, a number of magic items were found:
-A venom dagger, -Robe of the Arch-Magi, -A Magic Flute, -Potion of Greater Healing
Creed took the potion and deadly dagger as well as the robe while Keff, the bard, of course took possession of the instrument. Once the loot was distributed, Keff distributed some healing spells and the party constructed something to carry to carry the broken gnome back to the city, as his leg was broken and he was not able to make it back on his own.

As the group made its way down the winding stairs once again, it started raining, making the moss-covered steps even more slippery than before. It was discovered from the rescued gnome that the rain was coming from above and that the cistern was actually open. As it turns out, the hole in which the gnomes live goes all the way to the mountains above. After a series of successful dexterity checks, everyone made it safely back to the gnome city of Skaleheim.

After a brief conversation with guards at the gate, the identity of the rescued gnome sent them running to retrieve the judge. On their way to the courthouse, the group was approached by the judge and it was revealed that the rescued gnome was none other than the judge’s own nephew, kidnapped over a 10-day ago while out on an excursion. Extremely grateful, the judge allowed the group to travel around the city without being guarded or watched as they were now welcomed guests and the gnome was taken away by the clerics to be healed.

At this point, the party split up to accomplish their own goals with the new downtime:

Clandoor decided on taking some well-earned rest and relaxation time at an inn.

Creed asked the cleric for the location of a magic shop and bestiary. Upon arriving at the bestiary, filled with newts, salamanders and a “kresh” (Squid thing with tentacles and suckers) he found that the shop owner (Adari) knew nothing of communing with animals. From there, Creed traveled to the magic shop, where he found a number of magic items for sale and met the owner of the establishment disguised as a mannequin. At first, Creed purchased a scroll of scry and one of animate dead to add to his spell-book. After some negotiations, the owner agreed to show him the good stuff, including a Magic Jar, conjured by someone ages ago, which was far too expensive to afford. However, he would consider a trade. Before promising to come back with something that would interest the shop-owner, he was told of a machine that rises to the top of the cistern, which would mean that the party would not have to deal with the slick stairs again. Also mentioned was a train that went straight to a dwarven city. Eventually, Creed left and searched for Iggy, finding him after a few hours tinkering with something mechanical.

Iggy went back to the mechanical tinkerer’s shop to strike a deal with Himo to market his inventions across the surface world via the portable teleportation circle he received earlier. Iggy assured Himo that he could get him fresh, new materials with which to create whatever Himo could think of. Excited at the prospect, Himo eagerly agreed before Iggy could even finish his proposal. Afterwards, he sat for a while working on a contraption until found by Creed.

Keff started searching for someone who could tell him something about the mysterious, ancient, glowing mask which was being worshipped by the troglodytes that he had taken and ended up at an Inn filled with shady characters. Upon entering, the humanoids at an occupied table got up and left out a back door. Following closely, Keff stopped them to ask who they were and if they knew anything about the mask he found. None of those stopped were receptive to being questioned, and warned him not to follow them for his own good. Dejected, Keff was not able to gain any useful information and made his way back to the inn.

Iggy and Creed went back to the magic shop to trade two of the steel-jack crystals for the Magic Jar. At first, the owner was hesitant-at least until Iggy demonstrated the power of the crystals by using Creed’s staff (topped with the crystal arcane focus) to destroy half a building outside. After making the trade, Creed asked for some help communicating with Cluckers. All the wizard could tell him was that the dwarf inhabiting the chicken’s body was not a case of magical possession, but rather a case of reincarnation caused by an extremely powerful magic or being. He also made passing mention of one other case of such a thing happening with somebody being turned into a newt/salamander (now long dead.) With that information, the Iggy and Creed met up with the rest of the group at the inn for a long rest.

Keff took the time to practice with the flute, finding it to have the power to heal (with a roll of a 1 on a d6) and and the power to create 4 mice (with the roll of a 4.) He is now attuned.
Iggy is taking some time to tinker with a new invention.
Creed used the time to use the scroll of messaging to communicate with the guards back at the castle that the item was “taken care of” and for the soldiers and patron to return to the city. Also attempted was the addition of the scry spell to his spellbook to check on the Wights and their progress with the invading steeljacks. After a couple terrible rolls, he failed and the scroll was destroyed.

To be continued…

*Note: This is the first recorded session of “Godstorm: The fall of Darnthor”


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