Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor

Session 5/16 - Episode 25

"Scum and Villainy"

Quick catch up:

There was a one-off side adventure taking place in a dream sequence for Creed, Tom and Iggy. A magical fire was engulfing a castle containing vials of memories and magical libraries etc. A talking bear helped fend off some undead, some brain devourers were defeated (and the corpse of one collected.) In the basement, a Fire Elemental that controlled the furnace broke loose and was defeated. Creed was awarded with a magical staff and the original person who asked for help gave an evil wink and grin as the players were whisked away after accomplishing their task.

On the ship, after the unpleasantness, the group found a warforged monk in storage who Gordon is now playing as.

After traveling for a bit, the ship (now called “The Spectre’s Edge”) comes upon a large land mass dominated by a huge port city. As they approach, another airship escorted by two smaller ones meet up with them and pull alongside. The leader asks to speak with the princess privately and after doing so helps tow in The Spectre’s Edge to the airship docking tower at the edge of the city. [Map is provided at table]

Once at the tower, the group is met by a city guard contingent that begins escorting the princess and the players to the castle on edge of the city. On the way, the party is assaulted by two groups of thugs without warning. A fireball and an assault by Iggy’s minigun takes out a majority of the aggressors and send the rest packing. Eventually all arrive at the castle, where they are thanked for their services. As it turns out, the ruling family has a lead on a leader of the rebellion-Leofgar Greatcloak. They assign an up-and-coming adventurer to aid the party, introducing Ciela’s character – Aliella.

Aliella leads everyone to a lively tavern called “The Wandering Staff” where casino-like games are being played while others drink merrily. Creed plays a game of chance and wins a bit of coin to do some recon while Iggy gets a flagon of mead and Aliella watches from the rafters. Eventually, Iggy spots a door in the back that people occasionally filter in and out of. After some discussion, it is decided that the party will simply push their way in and use Iggy’s Immovable Rod to bar the door from the inside. As soon as someone exits, Iggy grabs them and pushes inside with Aliella and Creed.

Initiative is rolled and the party faces off against 3 thugs, the leader of the group in his nicest finery, the second-in-command and the muscle of the group. It is a brutal fight with both Creed and Iggy going down at some point, but luckily Cluckers is there to help Aliella clean up. At the end, the party is left bloody and badly in need of a rest, yet the leader is captured and the others are put down.

(Note: Clandoor, Tom and Poppy are back in Mal Cordasi helping the gnomes relocate back to Skaleheim after its devestation during this time.)


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