Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor

Session 1/10 - "To the Skies!"

"Sky Pirates Nab An Adventurer"

(Following a brief holiday hiatus)

In this session of “Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor:”

The adventurers have gained possession of an airship and are now transporting a princess from a foreign land back to her home. Creed is inspecting the engines to figure out how they work via magic and Iggy is at the helm.

Poppy now has dual hammers, which can be slammed together to deal lightning damage due to their opposing magnetic properties. Iggy has some new gadgets, including flash-bang bombs.

Creed and Iggy worked together to figure out that the energy crystals can be hooked directly to the engines without needing a conduit and did so. After returning to the top deck, another airship was spotted angling in towards them. After some tense waiting, it came within range to attack and immediately did. Bandits and a wizard started attacking with crossbows and spells, but not before setting up a cannon on the side of the ship. There was some intense fire exchanged between the wizards on both ships and then Iggy launched his harpoon across to the other ship and walked across the tightrope wire to do some melee damage. Poppy did the same with her mastiff (named Sherwood) and was in the thick of it when Iggy activated a flash-bang, blinding and deafening enemies and allies alike.
Amid all the confusion, with fireballs and crossbow bolts being thrown back and forth, the wizard makes Keff disappear using some kind of persistent spell and after a turn, disappears himself. An initial counter-spell was able to make them appear again, but after the second time, both are now gone.
[Keff’s character sheet has been handed in. For all the group in-game knows, Keff is dead and the wizard simply teleported away before the ship is scuttled.]
After the disappearing act and with his allies dropping like flies, one of the bandits points the cannon to the deck of the ship and fires it-adding to the already considerable damage done by multiple fire spells. Seeing that the ship is losing power, Iggy and Poppy make their way back onto the chain from the harpoon as it detaches from the enemy ship. Both pull themselves up and over onto the airship as Creed slowly recovers from the after-effects of the flash-bang.
Poppy peers over the side at the descending ship and sees a piece of cloth wafting down below. After a lucky throw of 25, she is able to throw a grappling hook down to it and the line goes slack. With the help of Iggy, she is able to pull up the captain of the enemy ship who was previously falling with a parachute. A charm spell from Creed kept him docile as they pulled him up and put him below deck. Now the group is left to interrogate the captain as well as try and figure out what happened to Keff or cope with his loss forever.

See what happenes the next time on “Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor”


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