City of Zartra


Hundreds of year ago, long before the Cataclysm came to Darnthor the priest of Zartra were commissioned by their King to discover a way to prevent him from dying so that he could rule forever on the throne. At first they merely gave lip service to their efforts but after several were killed in a vile manner for failing to produce results the others began in earnest to break the secrets of death.

After many years and several failed attempts (many of which used those the King felt were no longer worthy of his rule) they did discover a method to prevent a creature from dying. However the price was that it was not truly alive either. Feeling flush with rage at their hesitance King Zetranda forced the remaining priests to perform the ritual on him, thus creating the first Wight on Darnthor.

Drunk with the power he now possessed he began a campaign of converting every citizen in Zartra. Few escaped, many of which were captured and brought back to the city to server as ‘food’ for the new citizens. Afterward he began sending raiding parties around the countryside, capturing others to bring back so that his people could drain the life force from them to feed.

When the Cataclysm came Zartra was one of two cities on the continent of Iohos to vanish when the earth disappeared beneath them.

After many years of rule in the DeepDark, where he still send raiding parties to the surface, Zetranda was forcibly remove from the throne by the sword of Aloyzo who now sits on the throne. After all this time below the Wights have developed an aversion to the sun and rarely venture above ground anymore, even to feed.



The word “wight” meant “person” in days of yore, but the name now refers to evil undead who were once mortals driven by dark desire and great vanity. When death stills such a creature’s heart and snuffs its living breath, its spirit cries out to some vile god of the underworld for a reprieve: undeath in return for eternal war on the living.

Wights possess the memories and drives of their formerly living selves. They will heed the call of whatever dark entity transformed them into undead, swearing oaths to appease their new lord while retaining their autonomy. Never tiring, a wight can pursue its goals relentlessly and without distraction.

Life Eaters.

Neither dead nor alive, a wight exists in a transitional state between one world and the next. The bright spark it possessed in life is gone, and in its place is a yearning to consume that spark in all living things.

Shadow of the Grave

Humanoids slain by a wight can rise as zombies under its control. Motivated by hunger for living souls and driven by the same desire for power that awakened them in undeath, some wights serve as shock troops for evil leaders, including wraiths. As soldiers, they are
able to plan but seldom do so, relying on their hunger for destruction to overwhelm any creature that stands before them.

Undead Nature.

A wight doesn’t require air, food, drink, or sleep.


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