History of Darnthor

Thousands of years ago, so long ago that even the legends have died away, magic existed on Darnthor. And the Gods took it away. No records exist of why or when, just that it was there, then it wasn’t.

When the magic disappeared so did any creature that had been affected or created by magic. So did all of the Gods and their servants and religions, along with the Devils and Demons that roamed the world.

The denizens of the world eventually found their way and flourished, spreading out to just about every crack and crevice of the world. They made homes in every climate and every elevation.

Over time the differences in the world began to cause changes in the physiology of some, evolving them what today are called Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Shifters, Changlings, and the various other races. All with a common linage but now separate from the others in looks, temperament, and outlook.

[To be continued]

Effects on the game.

In general there aren’t a lot. I’m allowing all classes from the PHB, but since there are no demons or devils or gods (hence no divine) the Warlock is non existent on this world, and the Sorcerer will need to consider the origin of some of their powers.

History of Darnthor

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