The World

The people or Darnthor know nothing about other worlds, Planes, Dimensions or any other type of existence. As mentioned in the history page the surface of the world is shattered as a result of the Cataclysm (called the ‘God War’ or ‘God Storm’ by some) and as such the population of the world is low, totaling about 17 million.

It’s day cycle is about 24 hours and it experiences seasonal changes like Summer and Winter like Earth.

The calendar

The Darnthorian year lasts about 325 day cycles and is broken into 4 seasons each about 80 days in length. Each season consists of about 4 ‘months’ each of which are two ‘weeks’ in length for a total of 20 days per month.

  • Spring – Coming, The Melting, Greengrass, Planting
  • Summer – Summerdawn, Highsun, Summerwane, Claw of Storms
  • Autumn – Harvesttide, The Fading, Leaffall, Frostgrass
  • Winter – Winterfall, Winterset, WinterDeep, Wintersend

The Darnthorian week is ten day cycles in length.

The remaining 5 days are considered sacred and used for celebrations and holidays. The holidays are: Midwinter, (takes place between Winterset and WinterDeep), The Dawning (takes place at the end of Wintersend), (takes places at the end of Greengrass), Midsummer, (Takes place between Highsun and Summerwane), and Highharvest (takes place after Harvesttide)


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