Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor

Session 5/29/16
Episode 26: Insurgency

The party has just finished a serious scrap inside of an inn located in the red district and taken a prisoner. As quickly as the interrogation starts, it abruptly stops as the captured character, Vint (new player, Eric) promptly tells them all that Liefgar is in the gray district. Upon saying that he can lead the party straight to their target, Vint becomes a new party member.

With the new member in tow, everyone makes their way to the hideout in the gray district and begins scouting around it. Iggy and Aliella jump to the roof while Creed, Tom and Vint wait outside the back door. As Aliella is stealthily scouting out the situation, Iggy decides to forego clearing the building room by room and instead decides to just blow the whole thing up with his extremely-high-explosive time-bombs, leveling the building and a good portion of the block it was on. With that serious of encounters out of the way and all potential loot and enemies buried together, the team decides to call it a job well done and get some much needed rest back at the castle.

Once informed that the job is done (after a long rest,) the representative of the royal family informs the group that another matter needs attending to. A couple of days ago, a mining facility a day away from the castle was reported attacked by an army of inanimate automatons similar to those used at the facility. Fearing a fate similar to that of Skaleheim, Creed informs them to shore up the city defenses just in case before setting out to investigate. Once at the mining site, a few things become apparent:
1. What is being mined at the facility is an extremely rare and strong building material that is highly sought after
2. The facility was indeed attacked by automatons-the descriptions of which match the previously encountered steel-jacks.
3. The inside of the facility is very hot and inflicts fire damage due to the smelting going on.
Eventually, tracks are found and followed into a forest, where the group comes upon a clearing filled with a wooden building in the back, an opulent tent in the middle and otherwise surrounded by many orcs.
Creed casts invisibility on himself to investigate further with Aliella, who is naturally stealthy being both an elf and a monk who is able to use Pass Without A Trace.
After both creep around the the back of the tent to investigate what is inside, they pull up the tent flap and move inside-only to come face to face with a red-robed Arch-Mage who is in the middle of writing something on a desk covered with papers. As Creed is still invisible, he grabs all the papers he can off the desk as initiative is rolled and the entire camp is alerted.
The arch-mage casts mirror image to create 3 of himself while the orcs rush towards Iggy, Tom and Vint. Iggy throws a flash bomb to stun/blind the entire group (which is completed by steel-jacks and an orc war-chief.) Creed dashes out of the tent with the loot towards the group and Aliella casts darkness and runs away as well. As everyone regroups at the tree-line, Iggy kills 10 orcs, so just the war-chief and mirror images of the arch-mage are left in front (the steel-jacks have not yet made it over.) Despite some valiant fighting, the arch-mage is able to stride out and blink Tom the war-forged away, just like Keff had been blinked away before (or so it seems.) After the war-chief is downed, the arch-mage gives the command to raise the steel-jacks as he walks back into the tent.
Exhausted, scared and now down one more party member, the adventurers are surrounded by their mechanized foes.

to be continued…

Session 5/16 - Episode 25
"Scum and Villainy"

Quick catch up:

There was a one-off side adventure taking place in a dream sequence for Creed, Tom and Iggy. A magical fire was engulfing a castle containing vials of memories and magical libraries etc. A talking bear helped fend off some undead, some brain devourers were defeated (and the corpse of one collected.) In the basement, a Fire Elemental that controlled the furnace broke loose and was defeated. Creed was awarded with a magical staff and the original person who asked for help gave an evil wink and grin as the players were whisked away after accomplishing their task.

On the ship, after the unpleasantness, the group found a warforged monk in storage who Gordon is now playing as.

After traveling for a bit, the ship (now called “The Spectre’s Edge”) comes upon a large land mass dominated by a huge port city. As they approach, another airship escorted by two smaller ones meet up with them and pull alongside. The leader asks to speak with the princess privately and after doing so helps tow in The Spectre’s Edge to the airship docking tower at the edge of the city. [Map is provided at table]

Once at the tower, the group is met by a city guard contingent that begins escorting the princess and the players to the castle on edge of the city. On the way, the party is assaulted by two groups of thugs without warning. A fireball and an assault by Iggy’s minigun takes out a majority of the aggressors and send the rest packing. Eventually all arrive at the castle, where they are thanked for their services. As it turns out, the ruling family has a lead on a leader of the rebellion-Leofgar Greatcloak. They assign an up-and-coming adventurer to aid the party, introducing Ciela’s character – Aliella.

Aliella leads everyone to a lively tavern called “The Wandering Staff” where casino-like games are being played while others drink merrily. Creed plays a game of chance and wins a bit of coin to do some recon while Iggy gets a flagon of mead and Aliella watches from the rafters. Eventually, Iggy spots a door in the back that people occasionally filter in and out of. After some discussion, it is decided that the party will simply push their way in and use Iggy’s Immovable Rod to bar the door from the inside. As soon as someone exits, Iggy grabs them and pushes inside with Aliella and Creed.

Initiative is rolled and the party faces off against 3 thugs, the leader of the group in his nicest finery, the second-in-command and the muscle of the group. It is a brutal fight with both Creed and Iggy going down at some point, but luckily Cluckers is there to help Aliella clean up. At the end, the party is left bloody and badly in need of a rest, yet the leader is captured and the others are put down.

(Note: Clandoor, Tom and Poppy are back in Mal Cordasi helping the gnomes relocate back to Skaleheim after its devestation during this time.)

Session 1/10 - "To the Skies!"
"Sky Pirates Nab An Adventurer"

(Following a brief holiday hiatus)

In this session of “Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor:”

The adventurers have gained possession of an airship and are now transporting a princess from a foreign land back to her home. Creed is inspecting the engines to figure out how they work via magic and Iggy is at the helm.

Poppy now has dual hammers, which can be slammed together to deal lightning damage due to their opposing magnetic properties. Iggy has some new gadgets, including flash-bang bombs.

Creed and Iggy worked together to figure out that the energy crystals can be hooked directly to the engines without needing a conduit and did so. After returning to the top deck, another airship was spotted angling in towards them. After some tense waiting, it came within range to attack and immediately did. Bandits and a wizard started attacking with crossbows and spells, but not before setting up a cannon on the side of the ship. There was some intense fire exchanged between the wizards on both ships and then Iggy launched his harpoon across to the other ship and walked across the tightrope wire to do some melee damage. Poppy did the same with her mastiff (named Sherwood) and was in the thick of it when Iggy activated a flash-bang, blinding and deafening enemies and allies alike.
Amid all the confusion, with fireballs and crossbow bolts being thrown back and forth, the wizard makes Keff disappear using some kind of persistent spell and after a turn, disappears himself. An initial counter-spell was able to make them appear again, but after the second time, both are now gone.
[Keff’s character sheet has been handed in. For all the group in-game knows, Keff is dead and the wizard simply teleported away before the ship is scuttled.]
After the disappearing act and with his allies dropping like flies, one of the bandits points the cannon to the deck of the ship and fires it-adding to the already considerable damage done by multiple fire spells. Seeing that the ship is losing power, Iggy and Poppy make their way back onto the chain from the harpoon as it detaches from the enemy ship. Both pull themselves up and over onto the airship as Creed slowly recovers from the after-effects of the flash-bang.
Poppy peers over the side at the descending ship and sees a piece of cloth wafting down below. After a lucky throw of 25, she is able to throw a grappling hook down to it and the line goes slack. With the help of Iggy, she is able to pull up the captain of the enemy ship who was previously falling with a parachute. A charm spell from Creed kept him docile as they pulled him up and put him below deck. Now the group is left to interrogate the captain as well as try and figure out what happened to Keff or cope with his loss forever.

See what happenes the next time on “Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor”

Session 11/15 - "Repercussions (continued)"
A wild airship appears!

In this session of “Godstorm: The fall of Darnthor”….

The adventurers are at the tavern in the village of kenutact, where they receive a summons from the Patron back in Mal Cordasi. Leaving Clandoor (with Anders) with one side of the teleport, the rest of the party steps through and meets up with him. Upon arrival, the Patron is accompanied by a woman in his office. He introduces her as a princess of a royal family from a far-off kingdom that is a major trade partner of Mal Cordasi. Her family and the entire kingdom is in danger thanks to a group of rebels who seek to overthrow them. The group is informed that the group may even have some people within the city and that the princess must be protected until an airship sent from her kingdom can arrive. Then, she must be escorted to it and eventually on it back home safely. Creed Melech decides to stay with her while the others tie up some loose ends.

While in the city, the group also takes some time to talk to Himo and the cleric gnome to let them know about the state of their city. The gnomes express the wish to return home and re-secure it. Advising caution, the party members are able to convince them to first send some scouts down the shaft of the volcano to assess the situation first.

In order to keep one side of the teleportation gate on the island, the group decides to return and give it to the Kittiwakka. To convince them and gain their favor, Keff buys some furs to give them. Once there, Poppy brings the furs along with Anders towards the woods while the others stay behind for some downtime activities, such as gaining proficiency in weapons and working on contraptions. On the way there, Poppy spots an airship hovering above the volcano mouth next to a platform used for trading with those below. She runs back and tells the others, who all rush up the mountain to it. Once there, Keff casts an invisibility spell on a horse carrying two of the party and a large dog carrying the rest of the smaller members. Invisible, everyone sneaks on successfully and proceeds to take over the ship.

After some battles involving arrows shooting out from nowhere and enemies getting knocked out or thrown overboard, the ship is claimed. Keff examines the magical properties of the ship with detect magic while Iggy inspects the machinery. Poppy and (insert dwarf cleric’s name) untie the morrings that kept the ship from floating off and the ships ends up floating off without any real control. After drifting for a while, some slight control is gained by fiddling with the steering mechanism but the ship still cannot travel anywhere reliably.

Eventually, somebody in red robes teleports aboard the ship. Some cautious questions reveals that he is the wizard the group has been chasing. He tells everyone to stop what they are doing or else (10 d6 dice are placed on the table.) He reveals that he knows every member of the group and what they seek. Offering Poppy a chance to find her family, Poppy instantly takes it and is handed a piece of paper with an address (but no further information, such as in what kingdom or continent the address is located.) Nobody else is willing to give up and Iggy’s attempt at blowing up the deck does nothing, as the wizard takes no damage. Physical attacks prove fruitless as he is immaterial. Eventually, the party decides to scuttle the ship and begins preparations to do so.

Meanwhile, Creed is flirting with the princess, trying to gain extra information on what she knows and increase his ‘favor’ with her with various pickup lines. Unfortunately, he pulls his chicken out too early in an attempt to impress her and loses most of what he was able to gain. All the while, the group on the island is updating him after being given one half of the scrolls of messaging. The last message he received was about the party overtaking the airship and trying to figure out how to control it.

Session 11/1 - "Repercussions"
The Lobotta and Kittiwakka of Kennutact

In this session of “Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor”:

Ignatious, the dwarf cleric is not present for this session.

We join the adventurers travelling up the shaft of the volcano after narrowly escaping the destruction caused to Skaleheim caused by a machine drilling into the volcano wall and flooding a quarter of the city.

On the long ride to the top, the party takes a long rest and uses the time to do some checks. First, an arcana check is made on Keff’s wooden mask (which feels like stone to the touch) that was recovered from the troglodytes. Creed received a vision of short, shadowy humanoid creatures with long, pointy teeth and wearing the same kinds of masks chasing him-a vision through the eyes of another from the time of the Gods War. The perception of them was fuzzy, as if they were not of this plane or not entirely solid. There were thousands of them, demonic with wings and horns, about 3 or 4 different kinds of varying heights. A detect magic ritual done by Keff revealed that the mask has the properties of abjuration magic. A history check of 22 and religion check of 16 revealed no information on it. After inspecting the mask, Creed makes another effort to reach out and sense the artifact’s presence. An INT roll of 23 revealed its presence was ethereal-far away but close by at the same time. A definite location could not be pinned down.
Since the trip to the top was so slow, Iggy and Creed decide to use the collapsible portal to gate back to Mal Cordasi to do some research. Iggy uses the time to work on a new invention and create some more ‘specialty’ bullets for Clandoor. Creed does some research on UNITY. A History roll of 25 reveals the following information:

  • UNITY is a sort of multi-purpose, multi-specialty mega-corp type of guild or underground black organization
  • Mostly a group of White-Guards (magic-user killers)
  • Organization started shortly after the Gods War
  • The word TREVAN keeps appearing, although it is unknown whether this is the name of a person, place or thing.
    Additional time was used to research the soul gems and the technology/nature of them and how they are able to store energy. The following information was gained:
  • Soul gems are mere receptacles. Life energy can be extracted and stored in them.
  • The gems are not naturally grown, but manufactured through an unknown process
  • They are quartz-based but magically grown

Before going back through the gate, Creed advises Patron Tjorven Latrell to shore up the city’s defenses considering the search for the item led the enemy army straight to the Wight City and Skaleheim. However, the Patron does not seem to think there is any real threat as no aggressive actions have been made towards the city as of yet.

Both Iggy and Creed return through the gate as the lift reaches the top of the dormant volcano. What the party sees is that they are on top of a mountain overlooking a fishing town of about 40 buildings on an island in the middle of an ocean. After making their way down the mountain, the group arrives in the town of Kennutact (attach wiki entry,) filled with pale people wearing drab clothes made of cloth and leather with no ornamentation except for different-colored sashes (which are apparently very in vogue right now.) From Poppy, both the name of the town and some unique information about it is gained. During her travels, she learned of stories that people hear strange voices and see spirits in the fog at night.

At the Inn/tavern called the “Shrouded Mistress,” the bartender reveals to Clandoor, Poppy and Creed that he saw about 50-60 people travel down the shaft via the lift at one point, including humans dressed in red robes and other, rougher-looking types. At another point, some emerged with crates and cages, but he did not know what they contained. Other info and rumors gained from asking around include:

  • The lady who lives at the mayor’s manor keeps her children locked up for a reason none can discern
  • The natives, called the “kittiwakka,” make offerings to Lobatta and do no associate with the fishermen. There are tales of them being cannibals and that they make different kinds of offerings to the Lobatta to curry its favor while practicing evil magic.
  • A Captain Jane Kell is willing to pay anyone who can help her take revenge on the Lobatta for killing so many.

The harbormaster, Kelith, after being asked by Keff and Iggy about the large ship currently docked in the harbor, reveals that it is on its way to Alagandree in the West, in the opposite direction of Mal Cordasi. After the encounter with Kelith, Keff and Iggy spot a man departing from the docks with his wife and child weeping as they try to keep him from going. From them it is learned that he heard the call of the Lobatta and had an urge he could not fight to confront it, like so many before him. They are crying because none who go ever return. Iggy says sorry about his whole never coming back thing.

After meeting back up and compiling information, Creed takes a leisurely stroll around the city. Clandoor and Poppy turn in for the night while Iggy stays up working on a way to turn the soul-gems into soul-capturing devices with his mechanical knowledge and Keff makes an appointment for the next day at the mayor’s manor. Once it gets dark, Creed makes his way back only to encounter a ghost of a sea captain floating outside of the inn. Making his way up to it, he fails a constitution check and suffers from a level of debilitating insanity, falling to the ground crying and screaming. Hearing this, Iggy bounds out the window and uses a very basic ghost-buster type of contraption to chase away the ghost under the light of a full moon.

When the morning rolls around, Poppy and Creed decide to seek out the Kittywakka about the Lobatta while Keff attempts to speak to the family at the mayor’s manor. Poppy and Creed are making their way through the woods when they spot two rabbit-fur covered natives following them and call out to be taken to their leader. After being escorted to the cave in which they live, they are led down to the offering altar in a grotto, where they meet Apika Spirit-seer, who helps them make an offering of a ration pack to Lobatta next to some rotting fruit.

To be continued in session 16 on 11/15…

Session 10/4 - "Follow Through"
A Half-ling new-comer and the end of Skaleheim

In this session of “Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor:”

The party has just barely survived an encounter with a group of red-cloaked assassins, leaving one alive for interrogation. After binding their captive, the glow of an incoming teleportation circle appears from the corner of the train station, signalling reinforcements. Instead of facing another force of armored opponents, everyone decides to run. On the way to an empty house a few blocks away through an alleyway, a crossbow bolt flies overhead, narrowly missing the group. After a tense stand-off, a tiny halfling comes out of cover and introduces herself as “Poppy,” explaining that her family was part of a traveling performance troupe that ended up in Skaleheim and has since been either killed or taken prisoner. Hearing some commotion from the street, the party recruits Poppy and takes her with them, ending up at an abandoned building outside of the garrison near the Western city gate and the elevator that goes to to the surface. As everyone enters, there is a slight ground quake that quickly passes and a few rocks fall from above. It is not the first time this has happened. Iggy sets up the teleportation door and everyone walks through. Back in Mal Cordasi, everyone takes a long rest and runs some brief errands before regrouping to head back and try to liberate the city. Iggy buys a breastplate from the armory and trades in his chain-mail, slightly raising his AC. Alandrei practices with his sword to become proficient in its use and Poppy and Clandoor get some food and drink at the inn. Creed Melech and Keff of Trynn’s Hold take the time to interrogate their red-cloak prisoner with the use of a Charm Person spell. He reveals that he is among many groups of people recruited as mercenaries to cause general mayhem throughout the city of Skaleheim, hired by a man named Trynsold (sp?) He is personally part of a criminal organization known as UNITY. Among the recruited are Deuragar dwarves, drow and quiggoths and many different factions of humans eager to earn some coin. Nobody knows what the reason is for this invasion-all are just following orders for pay. Satisfied with the information, Creed and Keff strip the prisoner of his robes and put him in the prison for later use as a subject for experimentation. Everyone meets up again and walks through the portal again, appearing in the building from before. Keff and Creed decided to use disguises to find some of the leaders of the assault on the city and try to gain some information. The rest of the party made their way back towards Himo’s workshop on the opposite side of the city to retrieve the contingent of soldiers that originally came through with them (and who were subsequently forgotten.) Creed and Keff (team B) went back to the train station, only to find it empty. On their way across the city, Team A encountered a drunken Barbarian outside of a tavern. Alandrei had another couple ales with him and convinced him to come along with the group in order to find some ‘things to punch.’ Lagging behind with the barbarian in tow (who was holding a ‘to-go’ keg), the Alandrei eventually caught up with the rest of the group who had encountered 7 quiggoth and were hiding around a corner in an alley. The drunken singing of the barbarian alerted them and a battle ensued. Team B decided to join back up with Team A, having not found anything of importance, and started making their way across the city, only to feel another ground quake, which felt more severe than the last. Across the city, Creed could vaguely make out the image of something mechanical clinging to the rock wall. Eventually, Team B met up with Team A and joined in the fray. Though some of the quiggoth attempted to escape, they were quickly put down (with the help of Cluckers.) Poppy successfully killed one of the Quiggoth and still had one of their heads wrapped up in her whip, deciding to carry it with her. Upon inspection of Himo’s workshop, no sign of the soldiers was found except for some tell-tale signs of a scuffle. After the battle, Creed was able to point out the mechanical device to Iggy, who identified it as a drilling machine as it bored into the rock wall. The tunnel it created quickly started filling with light. Everyone decided it was best to run as it got brighter. Without sacrificing the teleportation gate, the only means of escape was the elevator, so the party made its way across the city towards it. On the way, a party of a dozen deuragar appeared. Everyone but Poppy made successful stealth checks. Creed used an invisibility spell on her to help her disappear. The only way to get around them without taking too long was to go through, so Iggy stealthily dropped a bomb down to Poppy, who stuffed it inside the quiggoth head and threw it at the group of deuragar. Surprised by a floating quiggoth head suddenly disappearing out of thin air, they all turned to look at it as it exploded. Many were injured and sent prone and the rest were slowed down as the party ran. After three rounds of throwing debris in the streets, Ray of Frosting the road to create slick terrain and throwing bombs, the group made it to the elevator. Clandoor and Creed were surrounded, but Iggy jumped in and saved Creed with his jump boots and Clandoor was able to slip through the enemies with a dex check thanks to a well-timed distraction. Iggy was able to get the elevator to work thanks to help from Poppy, who had ridden it before on previous visits to Skaleheim. Everyone got on board and made their way upwards as the flow of lava from the tunnel began filling the city.
Session 9/13- "Aftermath"
Rumble with the Red-Cloaks

In this session of “Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor”:

Keff returns from his errand at the prison to the south of Malakordasi, only to find that the rest of the group is back in Skaleheim, attempting to free it from the hands of an enemy army. He makes his way through the active teleportation gate and begins his investigation, finding the city to be eerily quiet. The first people he comes across seems to be looking for something. One of the members leaves and Keff decides to ask him what is going on. Unfortunately, the person he asked turns out to be an arch-mage and immediately attacks, causing a fair bit of damage. Keff runs at full speed away from him down multiple alley-ways and comes out across the street from the old temple where the rest of the party is exiting with some gnomes in tow. He wisely yells “RUN!!!” and doesn’t even break stride.

The party is reeling from the fight with the arch-mage. In the aftermath of the battle, the group makes its way out of the altar-room and hears the muffled sounds of prisoners in the living quarters. 10 are released and the group makes its way back to the workshop, only to see Keff bolting out of an alley nearby yelling “RUN!!!”

Everyone runs back to the workshop as quickly as they can. Creed uses a “ray of frost” spell to slow the mage down, but 2 of the 10 gnomes die while fleeing. Eventually, the group loses the pursuer and make it successfully back to the workshop and through the gate.

Everybody gets a long rest and stocks up on health potions. The patron is notified about what is going on and grants the group the company of 20 soldiers from the town guard to help take back the city. A guard is left at the entrance gate in the lab with a scroll of messaging in case anybody makes their way through and to notify him of more incoming rescued prisoners. With all health and spell slots restored, the group makes its way back through the gate with the aim of rescuing as many other gnomes and killing as much of the invading force as possible .

First stop was the marketplace, as that was the most likely place where a large amount of people would usually be found, making it a likely place to find bound prisoners. Everyone set up in a large grid pattern to search the entire market and about 20 gnomes in total were found, including Himo the workshop owner and the cleric from before. All were escorted back to the workshop and through the gate.

Second stop was the train station, as the group thought it was a good idea to cut off points of entry into the city. A trap on the front door just barely nicked Iggy and Keff, but after it went off, the group entered the station, only to find it empty. A message was attached to the mining carts used as the transport along the inlaid tracks so the dwarves would know the city was under siege and was sent off. While preparing to exit, a group of two red-cloaked warriors that Keff had met before at the inn as well as a few heavily-armored fighters walked by the station. A minor illusion spell made it seem that the trap never went off and Iggy was able to get the jump on the group with his harpoon gun.

An extremely tough battle ensued in which multiple group members were downed, only rescued by a potion that Clandoor had and some healing from the cleric. One red-cloak was left alive for interrogation. It is in the aftermath of this battle that the group realized it can no longer simply barrel its way through enemies with brute force, but will need to strategize and prioritize targets better as each of the red-cloaked warriors in the group turned out to be as much of a challenge as the arch-mage.

Next time on “Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor”, the party plans on interrogating the red-cloak to find their army’s points of entry and any other information on why they are there. The elevator remains a priority to secure and many gnomes remain to be rescued. 2 arch-mages also remain (that the group knows of.)

Note* – There will be no session on 9/20. Next session will be 9/27.

Session 9/6 - "There and Back Again"
First Big Bad Fight

In this session of “Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor”:

Keff decided to visit a prison to the south of Malakordasi for reasons unknown and has split from the rest of the group for this session.

The party returns to Scaleheim via Iggy’s teleportation door bought from Himo at the workshop in the city, which exits at the workshop itself. Upon inspection, the workshop is empty and the city is eerily quiet and empty. iggy took a second teleportation gate in the workshop to Himo’s personal house, only to find it empty. After looking out the windows, he saw three plumes of smoke coming from where the magistrate’s office is.
After telling the rest of the group, all made their way towards the office, only to find that it is not the magistrate’s office that was on fire, but the building across from it. In front of it, a dwarf armed with a warhammer was found holding off a group of 5 humanoids. Clandoor yelled “what’s going on here?!” only to have the closest two thugs attack. As they closed, about 5 more humanoids, looking as if they were not made of flesh, appeared in an alley. Alandrei the dwarven cleric identified the ones coming from the alley as ‘twig-blights,’ made of bundles of sticks. During the ensuing battle, the twig-blights were found to explode when exposed to fire. The thugs were not so vulnerable.

After the fight, Alandrei Godsheld introduced himself as a dwarf on a brief vacation visiting from the dwarven city connected to Scaleheim by the train. Creed used ‘Charm Person’ on a knocked out thug to find that he was under the employ by a man in red. The party hid the bodies in a nearby alley, first liberating the corpses of the red arm bands that all of the humans wore. Once inside, Creed distributed the arm-bands, only to have Iggy discover that the symbol on them identified them as belonging to the same people who stole his family’s fortune and tried to assassinate him years before. The charmed thug, Finnian (named Gerald by Iggy) is from a city named Guthar and was hired to guard the magistrates office and general thuggery while the city was sacked. Without any more useful information, the thug was knocked out. Creed investigated the rest of the building, only to find it deserted while Iggy tracked down a map of the city.

The next logical place to investigate would be the temple, as everyone is fairly certain that the wizard is searching for the item that Creed encountered before. However, knowing the city is now empty, the party proceeded to the magic shop, hoping to loot it. Upon arriving, they found it had already been ransacked, and only 2 healing potions and a potion of climbing was left. They were looted and distributed and everyone made their way to the temple. From the alley, they watched a guard patrol cross until Creed accidentally stepped on a cat’s tail, which sped away. The guards were not alerted and the group made their way inside, made easier by the fact that the doors and a good part of the wall had been blown out.

Before entering the chamber where the item was encountered, an investigation of the door revealed a trap, which Iggy promptly disarmed with his thieves tools. After slowly opening the door and peering inside, Creed saw a man at the altar in robes along with 5 thugs flanking him. Using the Magic Jar, Creed attempted to possess the man at the altar but failed. A successful attempt on one of the thugs led to Creed threatening the man while in the other’s body, only to end the spell before the man could kill the thug. The party then kicked the door in and attacked the arch-mage and the group surrounding him.

The thugs fell easily enough under the pressing might of the party. However, the arch-mage put up a fight with extremely powerful spells, including lightning bolts. With use of the immovable rod, the doors were shut tight, preventing an escape. The arch-mage attempted to escape with misty step, but some area attacks prevented it. Eventually he put up a force wall with his back to the door. Iggy launched himself over it with his rocket boots and shot the wizard with his harpoon, continually stunning him with his shocking gloves. Clandoor threw Alandrei over it and both engaged him, along with Creed slinging spells, which turned out to be ineffective. As it turns out, the arch-mage was resistant to almost everything. After pounding on him viciously, Clandoor delivered the killing blow, launching himself off of the dwarf and chopping off the mage’s head, which Creed collected and put in his magic jar.

To be continued…

Session 8/30 - "Destination Unknown"
Collecting on a job well done

In this session of “Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor”:

The party had to make a quick escape from Scaleheim after Keff returned to the inn where he originally met the met in red robes to ask some questions. While there, he met only a guard, whom he asked about the men in red robes. After some brief questions, the guard immediately takes Keff into custody.

While Keff was away, Clandoor found an armory to buy a new ranged weapon. After some browsing and discussion with the shop owner, Clandoor spent a considerable amount of money on a magical “Dragon Revolver,” which spits fire along with special bullets in quick succession.
Meanwhile, Iggy went back to the Gnomish workshop to see Himo about other inventions and gadgets that he could find.

After everyone met back up at the inn, they were approached by the magistrate. There had recently been a high-profile murder of the elven ambassador’s assistant by men in red robes. They were told that Keff has been taken into custody for questioning, as all that was known about the murder was that it was done by men in red robes and Keff insisted on asking very specific questions about them to a city guard. It took some convincing and a few successful persuasion rolls, but the magistrate was convinced to let Keff go as long as the party left as soon as possible. Everyone agreed and decided to return to the Patron in Malakordasi via a teleportation circle provided by the abbot.

The circle transported everyone into the mountains about 4 days outside of the city. On the way back, the group encountered a couple of large Elk, which were persuaded to let them pass thanks to Keff’s flute song of ‘animal friendship’. After another day of traveling, the party happens upon a group of three orcs. Not in the mood for talking, they were quickly dispatched (after some heavy damage received.) Eventually, all made it back to the city. The guards escorted everyone straight to the patron, who rewarded each person with a thousand gold for securing the magic item from the wizard as well as some much needed time off.

With the time off, Creed decided to finally outfit Cluckers with armor and proceeded to an armory. Clandoor, now weighed down with a large variety of weapons, decided to hire a squire as a pack-mule and general adventuring helper. Luckily, the company “Squires For Hire” has a chain location in the city, and Anders the squire was recruited, with much enthusiasm on his part. Iggy decided to research how to make special bullets for Clandoor’s dragon revolver in the lab.

Next time during “Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor,”- the party returns to Scaleheim to investigate the murder of the elven ambassador’s assistant (without Keff, as he is no longer welcome.)

Session 8/23 - " The Ascending"
Trogg Rescue/Back to town

In this session of “Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor”:

We find Keff exposed to 10 Troglodytes as he attempts to steal the glowing mask being worshipped by them. After a well-placed Shatter spell, 5 of the trogs have been knocked down and the other 5 damaged. Seeing their ally in imminent danger, the rest of the party is quick to act. Iggy jumps off the ledge where the party has been watching the events unfold and activated his jump boots to get some distance. At the apex of the jump, he shoots his harpoon between the trogs and Keff and pulls himself between them. With his mechanical arm attachments and his shield to protect him, he fends off the enemies, including one larger than the rest from which he receives a staggering amount of regular damage as well as poison damage. As he is fending them off, Keff is casting spells over his shoulder and Clandoor is unleashing a volley of arrows from his new longbow. Creed jumps down from the ledge using the rope attached to the immovable rod to do a perception check for hidden danger to the party, only to find two gnomes in cages-one dead and another starving and with a broken leg. After seeing no incoming threats, Creed moves forward and starts casting spells in support. It is a dirty fight with much damage being taken, but all survive. In the aftermath of the fight, the party inspects the altar as well as the refuse pile nearby, consisting of items belonging to the trogs’ past victims. Searching through it, a number of magic items were found:
-A venom dagger, -Robe of the Arch-Magi, -A Magic Flute, -Potion of Greater Healing
Creed took the potion and deadly dagger as well as the robe while Keff, the bard, of course took possession of the instrument. Once the loot was distributed, Keff distributed some healing spells and the party constructed something to carry to carry the broken gnome back to the city, as his leg was broken and he was not able to make it back on his own.

As the group made its way down the winding stairs once again, it started raining, making the moss-covered steps even more slippery than before. It was discovered from the rescued gnome that the rain was coming from above and that the cistern was actually open. As it turns out, the hole in which the gnomes live goes all the way to the mountains above. After a series of successful dexterity checks, everyone made it safely back to the gnome city of Skaleheim.

After a brief conversation with guards at the gate, the identity of the rescued gnome sent them running to retrieve the judge. On their way to the courthouse, the group was approached by the judge and it was revealed that the rescued gnome was none other than the judge’s own nephew, kidnapped over a 10-day ago while out on an excursion. Extremely grateful, the judge allowed the group to travel around the city without being guarded or watched as they were now welcomed guests and the gnome was taken away by the clerics to be healed.

At this point, the party split up to accomplish their own goals with the new downtime:

Clandoor decided on taking some well-earned rest and relaxation time at an inn.

Creed asked the cleric for the location of a magic shop and bestiary. Upon arriving at the bestiary, filled with newts, salamanders and a “kresh” (Squid thing with tentacles and suckers) he found that the shop owner (Adari) knew nothing of communing with animals. From there, Creed traveled to the magic shop, where he found a number of magic items for sale and met the owner of the establishment disguised as a mannequin. At first, Creed purchased a scroll of scry and one of animate dead to add to his spell-book. After some negotiations, the owner agreed to show him the good stuff, including a Magic Jar, conjured by someone ages ago, which was far too expensive to afford. However, he would consider a trade. Before promising to come back with something that would interest the shop-owner, he was told of a machine that rises to the top of the cistern, which would mean that the party would not have to deal with the slick stairs again. Also mentioned was a train that went straight to a dwarven city. Eventually, Creed left and searched for Iggy, finding him after a few hours tinkering with something mechanical.

Iggy went back to the mechanical tinkerer’s shop to strike a deal with Himo to market his inventions across the surface world via the portable teleportation circle he received earlier. Iggy assured Himo that he could get him fresh, new materials with which to create whatever Himo could think of. Excited at the prospect, Himo eagerly agreed before Iggy could even finish his proposal. Afterwards, he sat for a while working on a contraption until found by Creed.

Keff started searching for someone who could tell him something about the mysterious, ancient, glowing mask which was being worshipped by the troglodytes that he had taken and ended up at an Inn filled with shady characters. Upon entering, the humanoids at an occupied table got up and left out a back door. Following closely, Keff stopped them to ask who they were and if they knew anything about the mask he found. None of those stopped were receptive to being questioned, and warned him not to follow them for his own good. Dejected, Keff was not able to gain any useful information and made his way back to the inn.

Iggy and Creed went back to the magic shop to trade two of the steel-jack crystals for the Magic Jar. At first, the owner was hesitant-at least until Iggy demonstrated the power of the crystals by using Creed’s staff (topped with the crystal arcane focus) to destroy half a building outside. After making the trade, Creed asked for some help communicating with Cluckers. All the wizard could tell him was that the dwarf inhabiting the chicken’s body was not a case of magical possession, but rather a case of reincarnation caused by an extremely powerful magic or being. He also made passing mention of one other case of such a thing happening with somebody being turned into a newt/salamander (now long dead.) With that information, the Iggy and Creed met up with the rest of the group at the inn for a long rest.

Keff took the time to practice with the flute, finding it to have the power to heal (with a roll of a 1 on a d6) and and the power to create 4 mice (with the roll of a 4.) He is now attuned.
Iggy is taking some time to tinker with a new invention.
Creed used the time to use the scroll of messaging to communicate with the guards back at the castle that the item was “taken care of” and for the soldiers and patron to return to the city. Also attempted was the addition of the scry spell to his spellbook to check on the Wights and their progress with the invading steeljacks. After a couple terrible rolls, he failed and the scroll was destroyed.

To be continued…

*Note: This is the first recorded session of “Godstorm: The fall of Darnthor”


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