Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor

The guardians within the king's domain

Update to the adventure:

In this portion of the campaign, the wizard “Creed Melech” joined the party at the Inn and the three party members made their way into the sewers in order to further investigate the case of the robberies throughout the town as tasked by the patron. Misshapen human-like footprints led the group to a room used as a home by the King of the Sewers (a crazy old hobo.) Upon investigating the walls, a hidden passage to a cavern was found. This led to a large room with stone columns, guarded by two metal gargoyles. They attacked only when the party attempted to pass them and continued attacking only when attacked first. Once defeated, the room beyond was found to contain the stolen red gem, the bellows parts from the blacksmith, a bed of hay and a recently used teleportation circle. The circle was deactivated (the words “Iggy was here” now cover it) and the party received 50g apiece for the information that was returned to the patron.
For two days, Iggy worked on some mechanical boots, Creed studied up on different kinds of arcane constructs and the fighter investigated the spot where a caravan recently went missing. Two previous caravans were attacked and stolen from (both were carrying metal) an d the most recent one simply went missing. At the spot, the fighter found foot-prints, identified thanks to the wizard’s studies as being similar to those of a “Steamjack,” a hulking mechanical construct.
Now the party prepares to set out to find the missing caravan for the patron’s next task and hopefully put a stop to those responsible.


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