Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor

Session 7/10/2016


Catch-up from missing last two sessions:

During the battle in the woods, Iggy is severely beaten andPoppy’s dog mount is vaporized by the arch-mages firebolt cantrip (crit) while escaping. In the aftermath of the battle in the woods, the party met up back at the factory, where Vint stole some extremely valuable Sanguinium dust. Poppy was badly singing a song in the tall grass which helped the party find each other and re-unite. Upon arriving back at the city, they are pulled aside by a woman on on the behest of the Princess. Aliella is handed a note from the King saying something along the lines of “sorry, but we have no choice.” The party has been exiled from Cormania due to Iggy’s over-the-top actions of blowing up the entire building that the resistance leader was in-also killing around 5 other ‘civilians’ who were party in there with him. As a result, the royal family needed to distance itself from the party due to the public outrage that had grown due to the incident. Luckily, considering Princess Eigar’s feelings for Creed, she is allowed to help the party escape the city after the royal family puts out an arrest warrant for them.

To get to their airship, the woman that met up with the party leads them to a system of underground tunnels. On their way through, all are forced to dig their way past certain parts, eventually arriving closer to the harbor and taking some lesser known paths along the rooftops. Once there, the party (minus Creed and Tom) sent the airship that they arrived with on an auto-piloted course back in the general direction of Mal Cordasi as a decoy in case there were any who followed. Instead of taking that ship, they highjacked another and made their escape. The resistance forces who are looking for them fall for the trick and catch up to the decoy, only to find it abandoned and return it to Cormania.

Creed and Tom-
To escape from the fight, Creed took off into a random direction in the woods and was unsuccessful in finding the rest of the party. An hour after the battle is finished, Tom pops back into existence and checks the wooden building that was in the clearing. Upon finding it locked, he punches the lock off and checks the crates inside the building, which seem to be full of gems the size of cantaloupes. Uninterested, he decides to turn around and march into the woods, eventually ending up on top of a hill. Both Creed and Tom see each other from elevated points and meet up somewhere in the middle to head back to the city, where they assume the rest of the party would have regrouped.

Poppy wants to find a new dog mount/pet and goes around to all of the best exotic pet shops where she eventually learns of an old adventurer who may be able to supply her “unique” needs. She learns that his name is “Morn Tallstack”-from the Northern tribes of the barbarians and, incidentally, father of the huge barbarian from Skaleheim that helped the party beat some Quaggoths outside of a tavern while holding two kegs. While talking with him and having his overly-slow butler retrieve some books on Sanguinium, he reveals that he knows of the red mage leader and names him – “Adrik Lutgehr.”

Tom and Creed-
Upon reaching the airships in the city at the harbor, Tom and Creed find a group of people ransacking the ship, looking for clues as to where the party went. Creed uses Minor Illusion to make it look like the ship has caught fire and gets most of them off while undoing the moorings. As the ship is pulling away, an intimidate check causes 4/5 people to fall in line and not resist being taken prisoner. The one person who decided to fight back was pushed over the side by Tom to land (hopefully safely) in the water down below. The prisoners led themselves down below deck to the brig, where the pilot of the ship and the other prisoner that was originally captured (and then forgotten about) was still being held for the past two days. Irate at his treatment, it took 50 Gold to convince him to captain the ship back to Mal Cordasi. With the others, a full crew was present and recruited, their salaries to be negotiated for the future once arriving back at the city. While on the ride back, Creed inspected the arch-mage’s posessions from the tent. An arcana check revelated that the letter stolen was about opening a door to another dimension and other unknown references. Many of the symbols are familiar from the scrapes of notes in Keff’s bag and the symbols carved over the other, older symbols on the obelisk at the Wight city. There is a distinctive feeling of forboding from the letter/arcanic runes.
Important Note*-5 large soul crystals are referenced

While Iggy is waiting for everyone to finish their business while he is on the ship, he creates some mechanical spiders that are able to repair metal/mechanical devices and objects.

Poppy bunks at the adventurer’s house for the night, gets her books and proceeds to give an update to the Patron, where she is told that Clandoor, and the ship that was meant to be a decoy, was taken by a band of pirates. They are rumored to be based on a small island to the North-West of Mal Cordasi. The island is known to not have a fixed position, making it notoriously hard to find. Due to the situation at Cormania and warrants issued for the party, the Patron has decided that it may be necessary to cut ties with them unless their reputation can be restored.

Creed gets some flying training from the captain-gaining proficiency in Piloting and the use of navigation tools. Hires the captain for 2G per day (skilled artisan) and 2 silver per day per person (untrained crew) making it 3g/day cost or 21g/week for the Spectre’s Edge crew.

Iggy meets back up with Poppy, handing over control of the ship, and sets up the first office/warehouse/training school of the Inventor’s Guild in Mal Cordasi. 2000 Gold to set up with 1000 of it coming from the patron as an investment. More economy wiki pages to be added to track the costs/profits. Hires 1 skilled artisan and 2 un-trained workers to start. A blacksmith has been hired as a source for supplies (metals, parts.) It is discovered that the smallest amount of Sanguinium raises the tensile strength and melting point of any alloy.


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