Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor

Session 9/6 - "There and Back Again"

First Big Bad Fight

In this session of “Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor”:

Keff decided to visit a prison to the south of Malakordasi for reasons unknown and has split from the rest of the group for this session.

The party returns to Scaleheim via Iggy’s teleportation door bought from Himo at the workshop in the city, which exits at the workshop itself. Upon inspection, the workshop is empty and the city is eerily quiet and empty. iggy took a second teleportation gate in the workshop to Himo’s personal house, only to find it empty. After looking out the windows, he saw three plumes of smoke coming from where the magistrate’s office is.
After telling the rest of the group, all made their way towards the office, only to find that it is not the magistrate’s office that was on fire, but the building across from it. In front of it, a dwarf armed with a warhammer was found holding off a group of 5 humanoids. Clandoor yelled “what’s going on here?!” only to have the closest two thugs attack. As they closed, about 5 more humanoids, looking as if they were not made of flesh, appeared in an alley. Alandrei the dwarven cleric identified the ones coming from the alley as ‘twig-blights,’ made of bundles of sticks. During the ensuing battle, the twig-blights were found to explode when exposed to fire. The thugs were not so vulnerable.

After the fight, Alandrei Godsheld introduced himself as a dwarf on a brief vacation visiting from the dwarven city connected to Scaleheim by the train. Creed used ‘Charm Person’ on a knocked out thug to find that he was under the employ by a man in red. The party hid the bodies in a nearby alley, first liberating the corpses of the red arm bands that all of the humans wore. Once inside, Creed distributed the arm-bands, only to have Iggy discover that the symbol on them identified them as belonging to the same people who stole his family’s fortune and tried to assassinate him years before. The charmed thug, Finnian (named Gerald by Iggy) is from a city named Guthar and was hired to guard the magistrates office and general thuggery while the city was sacked. Without any more useful information, the thug was knocked out. Creed investigated the rest of the building, only to find it deserted while Iggy tracked down a map of the city.

The next logical place to investigate would be the temple, as everyone is fairly certain that the wizard is searching for the item that Creed encountered before. However, knowing the city is now empty, the party proceeded to the magic shop, hoping to loot it. Upon arriving, they found it had already been ransacked, and only 2 healing potions and a potion of climbing was left. They were looted and distributed and everyone made their way to the temple. From the alley, they watched a guard patrol cross until Creed accidentally stepped on a cat’s tail, which sped away. The guards were not alerted and the group made their way inside, made easier by the fact that the doors and a good part of the wall had been blown out.

Before entering the chamber where the item was encountered, an investigation of the door revealed a trap, which Iggy promptly disarmed with his thieves tools. After slowly opening the door and peering inside, Creed saw a man at the altar in robes along with 5 thugs flanking him. Using the Magic Jar, Creed attempted to possess the man at the altar but failed. A successful attempt on one of the thugs led to Creed threatening the man while in the other’s body, only to end the spell before the man could kill the thug. The party then kicked the door in and attacked the arch-mage and the group surrounding him.

The thugs fell easily enough under the pressing might of the party. However, the arch-mage put up a fight with extremely powerful spells, including lightning bolts. With use of the immovable rod, the doors were shut tight, preventing an escape. The arch-mage attempted to escape with misty step, but some area attacks prevented it. Eventually he put up a force wall with his back to the door. Iggy launched himself over it with his rocket boots and shot the wizard with his harpoon, continually stunning him with his shocking gloves. Clandoor threw Alandrei over it and both engaged him, along with Creed slinging spells, which turned out to be ineffective. As it turns out, the arch-mage was resistant to almost everything. After pounding on him viciously, Clandoor delivered the killing blow, launching himself off of the dwarf and chopping off the mage’s head, which Creed collected and put in his magic jar.

To be continued…


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