Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor

Session 9/13- "Aftermath"

Rumble with the Red-Cloaks

In this session of “Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor”:

Keff returns from his errand at the prison to the south of Malakordasi, only to find that the rest of the group is back in Skaleheim, attempting to free it from the hands of an enemy army. He makes his way through the active teleportation gate and begins his investigation, finding the city to be eerily quiet. The first people he comes across seems to be looking for something. One of the members leaves and Keff decides to ask him what is going on. Unfortunately, the person he asked turns out to be an arch-mage and immediately attacks, causing a fair bit of damage. Keff runs at full speed away from him down multiple alley-ways and comes out across the street from the old temple where the rest of the party is exiting with some gnomes in tow. He wisely yells “RUN!!!” and doesn’t even break stride.

The party is reeling from the fight with the arch-mage. In the aftermath of the battle, the group makes its way out of the altar-room and hears the muffled sounds of prisoners in the living quarters. 10 are released and the group makes its way back to the workshop, only to see Keff bolting out of an alley nearby yelling “RUN!!!”

Everyone runs back to the workshop as quickly as they can. Creed uses a “ray of frost” spell to slow the mage down, but 2 of the 10 gnomes die while fleeing. Eventually, the group loses the pursuer and make it successfully back to the workshop and through the gate.

Everybody gets a long rest and stocks up on health potions. The patron is notified about what is going on and grants the group the company of 20 soldiers from the town guard to help take back the city. A guard is left at the entrance gate in the lab with a scroll of messaging in case anybody makes their way through and to notify him of more incoming rescued prisoners. With all health and spell slots restored, the group makes its way back through the gate with the aim of rescuing as many other gnomes and killing as much of the invading force as possible .

First stop was the marketplace, as that was the most likely place where a large amount of people would usually be found, making it a likely place to find bound prisoners. Everyone set up in a large grid pattern to search the entire market and about 20 gnomes in total were found, including Himo the workshop owner and the cleric from before. All were escorted back to the workshop and through the gate.

Second stop was the train station, as the group thought it was a good idea to cut off points of entry into the city. A trap on the front door just barely nicked Iggy and Keff, but after it went off, the group entered the station, only to find it empty. A message was attached to the mining carts used as the transport along the inlaid tracks so the dwarves would know the city was under siege and was sent off. While preparing to exit, a group of two red-cloaked warriors that Keff had met before at the inn as well as a few heavily-armored fighters walked by the station. A minor illusion spell made it seem that the trap never went off and Iggy was able to get the jump on the group with his harpoon gun.

An extremely tough battle ensued in which multiple group members were downed, only rescued by a potion that Clandoor had and some healing from the cleric. One red-cloak was left alive for interrogation. It is in the aftermath of this battle that the group realized it can no longer simply barrel its way through enemies with brute force, but will need to strategize and prioritize targets better as each of the red-cloaked warriors in the group turned out to be as much of a challenge as the arch-mage.

Next time on “Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor”, the party plans on interrogating the red-cloak to find their army’s points of entry and any other information on why they are there. The elevator remains a priority to secure and many gnomes remain to be rescued. 2 arch-mages also remain (that the group knows of.)

Note* – There will be no session on 9/20. Next session will be 9/27.


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