Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor

Session 11/15 - "Repercussions (continued)"

A wild airship appears!

In this session of “Godstorm: The fall of Darnthor”….

The adventurers are at the tavern in the village of kenutact, where they receive a summons from the Patron back in Mal Cordasi. Leaving Clandoor (with Anders) with one side of the teleport, the rest of the party steps through and meets up with him. Upon arrival, the Patron is accompanied by a woman in his office. He introduces her as a princess of a royal family from a far-off kingdom that is a major trade partner of Mal Cordasi. Her family and the entire kingdom is in danger thanks to a group of rebels who seek to overthrow them. The group is informed that the group may even have some people within the city and that the princess must be protected until an airship sent from her kingdom can arrive. Then, she must be escorted to it and eventually on it back home safely. Creed Melech decides to stay with her while the others tie up some loose ends.

While in the city, the group also takes some time to talk to Himo and the cleric gnome to let them know about the state of their city. The gnomes express the wish to return home and re-secure it. Advising caution, the party members are able to convince them to first send some scouts down the shaft of the volcano to assess the situation first.

In order to keep one side of the teleportation gate on the island, the group decides to return and give it to the Kittiwakka. To convince them and gain their favor, Keff buys some furs to give them. Once there, Poppy brings the furs along with Anders towards the woods while the others stay behind for some downtime activities, such as gaining proficiency in weapons and working on contraptions. On the way there, Poppy spots an airship hovering above the volcano mouth next to a platform used for trading with those below. She runs back and tells the others, who all rush up the mountain to it. Once there, Keff casts an invisibility spell on a horse carrying two of the party and a large dog carrying the rest of the smaller members. Invisible, everyone sneaks on successfully and proceeds to take over the ship.

After some battles involving arrows shooting out from nowhere and enemies getting knocked out or thrown overboard, the ship is claimed. Keff examines the magical properties of the ship with detect magic while Iggy inspects the machinery. Poppy and (insert dwarf cleric’s name) untie the morrings that kept the ship from floating off and the ships ends up floating off without any real control. After drifting for a while, some slight control is gained by fiddling with the steering mechanism but the ship still cannot travel anywhere reliably.

Eventually, somebody in red robes teleports aboard the ship. Some cautious questions reveals that he is the wizard the group has been chasing. He tells everyone to stop what they are doing or else (10 d6 dice are placed on the table.) He reveals that he knows every member of the group and what they seek. Offering Poppy a chance to find her family, Poppy instantly takes it and is handed a piece of paper with an address (but no further information, such as in what kingdom or continent the address is located.) Nobody else is willing to give up and Iggy’s attempt at blowing up the deck does nothing, as the wizard takes no damage. Physical attacks prove fruitless as he is immaterial. Eventually, the party decides to scuttle the ship and begins preparations to do so.

Meanwhile, Creed is flirting with the princess, trying to gain extra information on what she knows and increase his ‘favor’ with her with various pickup lines. Unfortunately, he pulls his chicken out too early in an attempt to impress her and loses most of what he was able to gain. All the while, the group on the island is updating him after being given one half of the scrolls of messaging. The last message he received was about the party overtaking the airship and trying to figure out how to control it.


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