Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor

Session 11/1 - "Repercussions"

The Lobotta and Kittiwakka of Kennutact

In this session of “Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor”:

Ignatious, the dwarf cleric is not present for this session.

We join the adventurers travelling up the shaft of the volcano after narrowly escaping the destruction caused to Skaleheim caused by a machine drilling into the volcano wall and flooding a quarter of the city.

On the long ride to the top, the party takes a long rest and uses the time to do some checks. First, an arcana check is made on Keff’s wooden mask (which feels like stone to the touch) that was recovered from the troglodytes. Creed received a vision of short, shadowy humanoid creatures with long, pointy teeth and wearing the same kinds of masks chasing him-a vision through the eyes of another from the time of the Gods War. The perception of them was fuzzy, as if they were not of this plane or not entirely solid. There were thousands of them, demonic with wings and horns, about 3 or 4 different kinds of varying heights. A detect magic ritual done by Keff revealed that the mask has the properties of abjuration magic. A history check of 22 and religion check of 16 revealed no information on it. After inspecting the mask, Creed makes another effort to reach out and sense the artifact’s presence. An INT roll of 23 revealed its presence was ethereal-far away but close by at the same time. A definite location could not be pinned down.
Since the trip to the top was so slow, Iggy and Creed decide to use the collapsible portal to gate back to Mal Cordasi to do some research. Iggy uses the time to work on a new invention and create some more ‘specialty’ bullets for Clandoor. Creed does some research on UNITY. A History roll of 25 reveals the following information:

  • UNITY is a sort of multi-purpose, multi-specialty mega-corp type of guild or underground black organization
  • Mostly a group of White-Guards (magic-user killers)
  • Organization started shortly after the Gods War
  • The word TREVAN keeps appearing, although it is unknown whether this is the name of a person, place or thing.
    Additional time was used to research the soul gems and the technology/nature of them and how they are able to store energy. The following information was gained:
  • Soul gems are mere receptacles. Life energy can be extracted and stored in them.
  • The gems are not naturally grown, but manufactured through an unknown process
  • They are quartz-based but magically grown

Before going back through the gate, Creed advises Patron Tjorven Latrell to shore up the city’s defenses considering the search for the item led the enemy army straight to the Wight City and Skaleheim. However, the Patron does not seem to think there is any real threat as no aggressive actions have been made towards the city as of yet.

Both Iggy and Creed return through the gate as the lift reaches the top of the dormant volcano. What the party sees is that they are on top of a mountain overlooking a fishing town of about 40 buildings on an island in the middle of an ocean. After making their way down the mountain, the group arrives in the town of Kennutact (attach wiki entry,) filled with pale people wearing drab clothes made of cloth and leather with no ornamentation except for different-colored sashes (which are apparently very in vogue right now.) From Poppy, both the name of the town and some unique information about it is gained. During her travels, she learned of stories that people hear strange voices and see spirits in the fog at night.

At the Inn/tavern called the “Shrouded Mistress,” the bartender reveals to Clandoor, Poppy and Creed that he saw about 50-60 people travel down the shaft via the lift at one point, including humans dressed in red robes and other, rougher-looking types. At another point, some emerged with crates and cages, but he did not know what they contained. Other info and rumors gained from asking around include:

  • The lady who lives at the mayor’s manor keeps her children locked up for a reason none can discern
  • The natives, called the “kittiwakka,” make offerings to Lobatta and do no associate with the fishermen. There are tales of them being cannibals and that they make different kinds of offerings to the Lobatta to curry its favor while practicing evil magic.
  • A Captain Jane Kell is willing to pay anyone who can help her take revenge on the Lobatta for killing so many.

The harbormaster, Kelith, after being asked by Keff and Iggy about the large ship currently docked in the harbor, reveals that it is on its way to Alagandree in the West, in the opposite direction of Mal Cordasi. After the encounter with Kelith, Keff and Iggy spot a man departing from the docks with his wife and child weeping as they try to keep him from going. From them it is learned that he heard the call of the Lobatta and had an urge he could not fight to confront it, like so many before him. They are crying because none who go ever return. Iggy says sorry about his whole never coming back thing.

After meeting back up and compiling information, Creed takes a leisurely stroll around the city. Clandoor and Poppy turn in for the night while Iggy stays up working on a way to turn the soul-gems into soul-capturing devices with his mechanical knowledge and Keff makes an appointment for the next day at the mayor’s manor. Once it gets dark, Creed makes his way back only to encounter a ghost of a sea captain floating outside of the inn. Making his way up to it, he fails a constitution check and suffers from a level of debilitating insanity, falling to the ground crying and screaming. Hearing this, Iggy bounds out the window and uses a very basic ghost-buster type of contraption to chase away the ghost under the light of a full moon.

When the morning rolls around, Poppy and Creed decide to seek out the Kittywakka about the Lobatta while Keff attempts to speak to the family at the mayor’s manor. Poppy and Creed are making their way through the woods when they spot two rabbit-fur covered natives following them and call out to be taken to their leader. After being escorted to the cave in which they live, they are led down to the offering altar in a grotto, where they meet Apika Spirit-seer, who helps them make an offering of a ration pack to Lobatta next to some rotting fruit.

To be continued in session 16 on 11/15…


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