Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor

Session 10/4 - "Follow Through"

A Half-ling new-comer and the end of Skaleheim

In this session of “Godstorm: The Fall of Darnthor:”

The party has just barely survived an encounter with a group of red-cloaked assassins, leaving one alive for interrogation. After binding their captive, the glow of an incoming teleportation circle appears from the corner of the train station, signalling reinforcements. Instead of facing another force of armored opponents, everyone decides to run. On the way to an empty house a few blocks away through an alleyway, a crossbow bolt flies overhead, narrowly missing the group. After a tense stand-off, a tiny halfling comes out of cover and introduces herself as “Poppy,” explaining that her family was part of a traveling performance troupe that ended up in Skaleheim and has since been either killed or taken prisoner. Hearing some commotion from the street, the party recruits Poppy and takes her with them, ending up at an abandoned building outside of the garrison near the Western city gate and the elevator that goes to to the surface. As everyone enters, there is a slight ground quake that quickly passes and a few rocks fall from above. It is not the first time this has happened. Iggy sets up the teleportation door and everyone walks through. Back in Mal Cordasi, everyone takes a long rest and runs some brief errands before regrouping to head back and try to liberate the city. Iggy buys a breastplate from the armory and trades in his chain-mail, slightly raising his AC. Alandrei practices with his sword to become proficient in its use and Poppy and Clandoor get some food and drink at the inn. Creed Melech and Keff of Trynn’s Hold take the time to interrogate their red-cloak prisoner with the use of a Charm Person spell. He reveals that he is among many groups of people recruited as mercenaries to cause general mayhem throughout the city of Skaleheim, hired by a man named Trynsold (sp?) He is personally part of a criminal organization known as UNITY. Among the recruited are Deuragar dwarves, drow and quiggoths and many different factions of humans eager to earn some coin. Nobody knows what the reason is for this invasion-all are just following orders for pay. Satisfied with the information, Creed and Keff strip the prisoner of his robes and put him in the prison for later use as a subject for experimentation. Everyone meets up again and walks through the portal again, appearing in the building from before. Keff and Creed decided to use disguises to find some of the leaders of the assault on the city and try to gain some information. The rest of the party made their way back towards Himo’s workshop on the opposite side of the city to retrieve the contingent of soldiers that originally came through with them (and who were subsequently forgotten.) Creed and Keff (team B) went back to the train station, only to find it empty. On their way across the city, Team A encountered a drunken Barbarian outside of a tavern. Alandrei had another couple ales with him and convinced him to come along with the group in order to find some ‘things to punch.’ Lagging behind with the barbarian in tow (who was holding a ‘to-go’ keg), the Alandrei eventually caught up with the rest of the group who had encountered 7 quiggoth and were hiding around a corner in an alley. The drunken singing of the barbarian alerted them and a battle ensued. Team B decided to join back up with Team A, having not found anything of importance, and started making their way across the city, only to feel another ground quake, which felt more severe than the last. Across the city, Creed could vaguely make out the image of something mechanical clinging to the rock wall. Eventually, Team B met up with Team A and joined in the fray. Though some of the quiggoth attempted to escape, they were quickly put down (with the help of Cluckers.) Poppy successfully killed one of the Quiggoth and still had one of their heads wrapped up in her whip, deciding to carry it with her. Upon inspection of Himo’s workshop, no sign of the soldiers was found except for some tell-tale signs of a scuffle. After the battle, Creed was able to point out the mechanical device to Iggy, who identified it as a drilling machine as it bored into the rock wall. The tunnel it created quickly started filling with light. Everyone decided it was best to run as it got brighter. Without sacrificing the teleportation gate, the only means of escape was the elevator, so the party made its way across the city towards it. On the way, a party of a dozen deuragar appeared. Everyone but Poppy made successful stealth checks. Creed used an invisibility spell on her to help her disappear. The only way to get around them without taking too long was to go through, so Iggy stealthily dropped a bomb down to Poppy, who stuffed it inside the quiggoth head and threw it at the group of deuragar. Surprised by a floating quiggoth head suddenly disappearing out of thin air, they all turned to look at it as it exploded. Many were injured and sent prone and the rest were slowed down as the party ran. After three rounds of throwing debris in the streets, Ray of Frosting the road to create slick terrain and throwing bombs, the group made it to the elevator. Clandoor and Creed were surrounded, but Iggy jumped in and saved Creed with his jump boots and Clandoor was able to slip through the enemies with a dex check thanks to a well-timed distraction. Iggy was able to get the elevator to work thanks to help from Poppy, who had ridden it before on previous visits to Skaleheim. Everyone got on board and made their way upwards as the flow of lava from the tunnel began filling the city.


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